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After an injury forced me to stop running, I eased back into fitness with basic yoga classes. There I found comfort in connecting breath with movement to strengthen my body and calm my mind. Empowered by this new environment, I was able to let go of some of the things that were no longer serving me. As a teacher, I endeavor to create a safe space for my students to do the same.


I’ve been working as an actor, producer, and model for most of my life which has often meant coping with a sporadic unbalanced lifestyle. Through teaching yoga and becoming a certified health coach I was able to create a lifestyle with focused direction and peace.


Whatever the noise in your life; whether you just want to sweat, deepen your practice, or get help overhauling your diet and lifestyle, I am here for you.

I teach corporate yoga and guided meditations tailored to your exact needs. 


If you’d like to schedule a private session, corporate session, or you’d like more information about health coaching, get in touch.

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